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Small Blade Ceiling Fan

Small Blade Ceiling Fans are offered in different sweeps or even diameters. The sweeps installed tends to determine the area that a fan can cover. Regular fans are most commonly available in the market or are mostly used of 1200 mm sweep. Even though there are also smaller sweep fans that are available as well in the markets these fans are preferred as these ceiling Fans successfully cover larger area as these typically are placed or mounted centrally in a room and are also because of the elevation. As of now the most common fans that are available in the market (which are due to be rated by BEE) over all consume 70-85 Watts. Even the ones having smaller sweeps ( which are same as the sweeps of pedestal fans) tends to consume similar wattage. One may easily identify the benefits that the delivered range of Small Blade Ceiling Fans offer in terms of electricity savings.

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