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Air Cooler
Air Coolers are made up of plastic body and are very effective in cooling due to the glycol which is a kind of coolant are responsible for serving the main job of cooling.

Air Cooler Spare Parts
Air Cooler Spare Parts are used in the repair activities. The category majorly comprises of water pumps and fan. The capacity of the motor is commendable and also both of the product are water proof.
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fans are used to keep the rooms cooler by bringing down the temperature by 5 to 8 degrees. The fans offered are designed with class and can be availed in various colors.
Domestic Geysers
Domestic Geysers have modern designs and operates on very modern technologies. These have a function of auto cut that allows to cut off the power of geysers in the cases of over heating.
Ventilation Fans
Ventilation fans work by sucking and throwing hot or humid air out of a small, localized area, post allowing fresh air to enter from outside. Be it a doorway or vent it is suitable to replace it. The warm air that's drawn outside by making use of the fan is then pulled across a ducting system and then is expelled outside.
Pedestal And Table Fan
Pedestal And Table Fans are ideal and most suitable for creating airflows in smaller areas or in the sceneries where airflow is required in a confined or specific part of the room. These are known to consume 50-55 Watts at different speed levels which is the slowest consuming 50 Watts and fastest 55 Watts.
Small Blade Ceiling Fan
Small blades ceiling fans are uniquely designed to provide the air circulation in very small rooms or tiny spaces for example as walk-in closets, hallways, stairwells, garages, etc. The span of the blades that these small ceiling fans have varies from 20” to 30″.
Immersion Water Heater
Immersion Water Heaters are used are important and brought in use in multiple industrial applications due to their fast as well as for efficient heating. Being immersed means that these heaters permits the direct heat transfer, that results in the quick heating along with the minimized loss of energy.
Electric Toaster
Electric Toaster consumes in the electrical energy out of the power outlet and then converts it into the heat, very efficiently. If you wish your toast to cook swiftly, then all you need to is to opt for our toasters which would radiate as much heat as possible in each second onto your bread.

Electric Irons
The voltage consumption of Electric Irons is dependent on the temperature of the clothes being ironed. The offered iron is made up of stainless steel which is electroplated and the handle which provides great grip to be used is made up of plastic both of them together assures the safety of the irons and also the ease of usage.

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